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David Morrissey speaks on working with Andrew Lincoln

Written by Admin on March 12 2013

Did you get together with Andrew Lincoln to rehearse your big confrontation scene with him in “Arrow in the Door”?

We didn’t rehearse it, no. What’s interesting for me about “The Walking Dead” is that I came to the show as a fan and I’ve known Andrew for a long time. Now I’m on the show and I never see Andrew. I hadn’t seen him for a long time because our characters never work with each other. So then we get to this episode where it’s the first time we’ve worked together and on the days we were shooting, we didn’t really hang out or sit down for cup a coffee. We kept our distance while we were filming. Which was fine. I think we needed to do that. We guarded our own space. Then we tried to see what happened within that dance with each other. The thing about filming a scene like that is time is not on your side. It’s not like doing a play or a movie where you’ve got a few weeks to talk about it and what the beats are. You really have to throw into it. We were making choices, not quickly or broadly, we’ve both thought about our characters and what we wanted to do. But there was very little discussion around it as a scene. We were just reacting to each other.

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  1. Two awesome people! Great Actors!