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Andrew Lincoln Has Never Seen “The Walking Dead,” Which Explains a Lot

Written by Admin on October 19 2015

BLOODY-DISGUSTING.COM – Here’s a shocker. Andrew Lincoln has allegedly never seen an episode of “The Walking Dead,” for which is now in its sixth season.

How can Lincoln, who stars as Rick Grimes in the series, have never seen a single episode of the AMC series that defines his career? It’s pretty simple, actually, as many celebrities never watch their work. Still, it explains why he continues to allow himself to partake in one of the worst genre shows in recent memory, and why it’s never gotten any better. caught up with Ethan Embry, who starred as Carter on “The Walking Dead,” who had this to say about Lincoln:

“I don’t know if it’s common knowledge but Andy told me he hasn’t watched the show yet. He’s just doing it and he wants to just keep doing what he’s told and he’s gonna sit and digest it when it’s all over. I have a lot of respect for that, too.”

It’s definitely something to respect, in theory. Yet, it makes me wonder how one can better themselves if they can’t even see their own performance? Lincoln is putting his trust in the filmmakers, who don’t always know what’s best for an actor. It’s a collaborative process, and if Lincoln is just going through the motions, it explains why he’s such a flavorless character. From my own perspective, nobody has been as riveting as Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Shane in Season One.

Again, many actors never watch their work, but the fact that Lincoln is the focal point of the entire series makes this alarming. In addition, more often than not, a franchise lead typically finds their way into a producing role by the end of its run. Six season in and Lincoln still isn’t wearing this hat, which tells me that he’s comfortable in his role as an actor being told what to do. It may be nothing just as easily as it could be everything…

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