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‘The Walking Dead’ season 6 spoilers: Series boss on concerns over Andrew Lincoln’s Rick

Written by Admin on October 28 2015

CARTERMATT.COM – Yes, we understand that the majority of the buzz surrounding “The Walking Dead” at the moment has to do with Glenn, and whether or not he is going to be alive moving forward this season. Judging from the way that the show handled his “death” on this past episode (including the lack of postmortem interviews and Steven Yeun not appearing on “Talking Dead”), we’re starting to think more and more like he will survive.

We don’t want to ignore in this article, though, something that has become overshadowed in the hubbub surrounding Glenn: Whether or not Rick is about to get infected after getting some zombie insides on an open wound. Speaking to TVLine, showrunner Scott M. Gimple offered up a little bit of reassurance. While he did not say if it was possible for someone to be infected in this manner, he made it clear that this will not write Andrew Lincoln out of the show:

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something definitive: Rick is OK regarding that cut. His hand will survive. There will be a bandage. There will be some ointment involved. But he’s going to walk away from it.”

Now that you know that, you have our permission to go back and continue to worry about Glenn. While it’s possible he is dead, our feeling at this point is more that it will be interesting to see how the writers go about this story if he’s still alive. How do you write your way out of that?

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  1. Shirley says:

    Nicholas fel on top of Glen and walkers are eating him instead of Glen . he survive . oh God i hope he survive