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Fear The Walking Dead: Gale Anne Hurd reveals why Travis and Rick are so different

Written by Admin on November 01 2015

UNREALITYTV.CO.UK – Before The Walking Dead returned to our screens for its sixth season, AMC aired its brand new series Fear The Walking Dead, which told an earlier part of the apocalypse story.

With the new show, we were treated to a brand new location (Los Angeles) and a brand new group of characters, focusing on one particular family and their attempts at surviving.

We’ll admit, the show was fairly slow, but we expected it to be that way. The outbreak had only just begun, so it wasn’t like The Walking Dead where Rick (Andrew Lincoln) had woken up from his coma.

No-one in the show really knew what was going on, so there was a considerable amount of panic, and no-one had killed before nor had they seen anything like this, so it was all new.

The premiere episode of the show attracted a considerable audience, which became the trend throughout its six episode first run, with a second expected in 2016.

Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, who also works on The Walking Dead, spoke with IBTimes UK and explained why the main characters were so reluctant to accept what was going on around them.

She also discussed why Travis (Cliff Curtis) on Fear The Walking Dead won’t be like Rick (Andrew Lincoln) on The Walking Dead.

Hurd revealed: “We wanted Fear The Walking Dead to follow an ordinary family unaware of the zombie apocalypse occurring around them…

“Unlike Rick and Shane in The Walking Dead, they don’t have a law enforcement background and really don’t have the skill set or the weapons to deal with the crisis.”

She went on to speak about the evolution of Travis from the first episode through to the sixth, saying: “When he comes to the realization that the authorities won’t protect him, and after learning from his ex-wife, Liza, that she (and indeed anyone who dies) will turn into a zombie, Travis is indeed a changed man.”

The executive producer went on to say that when Liza begged Travis to shoot her, he realised that in fact, in that instance, such an act of violence was the “humane” thing to do, which brought about his realisation of the new world order and how life would be henceforth.

Fear The Walking Dead is set to air its second season in 2016 and will run for 15 episodes as opposed to the six we got in the first season.

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