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Andrew Lincoln Says The Governor Was ‘Magnificent’ But Negan Is ‘Brutal Beyond Words’ In ‘The Walking Dead’

Written by Admin on February 05 2016

MOVIEPILOT.COM – The Walking Dead will return from it’s mid-season break on February 14, but we can’t get enough information about the upcoming season while we wait. Luckily for us, Andrew Lincoln is happy to oblige us with information about the nefarious character we’re all looking forward to seeing.

Lincoln spoke to TV Line about the remainder of the sixth season and what fans can expect from these new episodes. As fans of the show and are well aware by now, one of the comic book’s most dastardly characters is set to appear at the end of the season, the violent leader of the Saviors: Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

While The Governor was more than enough of a baddie to satiate my desires for evil in seasons three and four, but it’s been a while since we’ve watched an malicious presence looming over Rick Grimes and the group.

According to Lincoln, we can expect a lot from Morgan’s portrayal of Negan:

“The Governor was magnificent and David did a beautiful job playing him but Negan is horrific. He is this incredible tyrant and this very charismatic, funny, brutal beyond words sociopath. I’m interested in the relationship between Negan and Carl and Carl and Rick. There’s a very complicated, extraordinary psychology between those characters. I’m just thrilled that we are getting to a place where it feels very deep, dark, thrilling and dangerous.”

Horrific, brutal, and funny are all descriptive words that I’m looking for in a Negan!

Other early reviews of the next episode, “No Way Out” are already in, and they sound good. Really good. From everything we know thus far, the future of The Walking Dead will surely delight it’s fans.

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