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The Walking Dead – “No Way Out” Recap

Written by Admin on February 15 2016

Daryl, Abraham and Sasha race back to Alexandria in the fuel truck. A group of men on motorcycles stops them in the road, takes their guns and informs them that their property now belongs to Negan. One of the men takes Daryl to search the truck. Meanwhile, the group’s leader has decided to kill Abraham and Sasha. But before he can pull the trigger, a massive explosion kills all the men. Daryl emerges from the back of the truck with a now-smoking RPG.

In Alexandria, walkers swarm the streets. Rick’s group, still covered in walker guts, makes its way toward the armory. Rick announces a plan to herd the walkers away from Alexandria using vehicles from the quarry. Gabriel offers to keep Judith safe in the church while the others go on. Jessie tries to send Sam with Gabriel, but Sam refuses to leave her side.

Inside the townhouse, Tara insists they rescue Denise from the W Man. Rosita points out they don’t have enough guns to fight walkers outside. Carol borrows Rosita’s gun to sweep the house.

On the street, the W Man holds Denise at gunpoint as they hide from walkers.

Meanwhile, Glenn and Enid search a church for supplies to rescue Maggie from the lookout tower. Enid opens up to Glenn about her dead parents. “They’re still here because you’re still here,” Glenn tells her.

From their hiding spot, the W Man and Denise watch walkers stream down the street. The W Man tells Denise they’ll make a run for a lookout tower as soon as a gap opens up in the herd.

Glenn orders Enid to stay at the church while he rescues Maggie, but Enid refuses. They find a gun and piles of cloth that they can tie together to help Maggie climb off the platform.

Recalling an earlier exchange at the townhouse, the W Man admits to Denise that she was right: He wasn’t born this way. “I changed, and now I want to help you change,” he says.

As Rick’s group quietly walks through the herd, Sam spots a young boy who’s turned. He panics and stops dead in his tracks. Jessie begs him to keep walking, but he won’t move. Walkers attack and tear into Sam. Jessie goes into shock at the sight of her son being eaten alive, and does nothing to stop the walkers from devouring her as well. As the walkers consume her, Jessie’s hand remains firmly clasped around Carl’s. Desperate to free his son, Rick hacks off Jessie’s hand with a hatchet.

Amid the chaos, Ron picks up Carl’s dropped gun and aims it at Rick, ready to kill. Michonne’s sword bursts through his chest and the gun goes off. “Dad?” Carl says weakly. Rick looks in horror as his son, who’s been shot through the eye, collapses on the road. He scoops up Carl and sprints through the herd as Michonne clears a path with her katana.

Back in the townhouse, Eugene vows to Rosita they will fight their way out. “We will, not you,” she says.

The W Man spots a gap in the herd and sprints to the tower with Denise. He defends Denise when walkers attack her but his arm gets bitten in the process. Denise urges him to come with her to the infirmary.

In the townhouse, Carol unloads on Morgan for saving the W Man and putting Alexandria in danger. “I should’ve killed you,” she tells him.

Denise and the W Man take refuge in a house, where she ties a belt around his arm. She points out that he saved her, indicating that maybe he really has changed.

Denise and the W Man run outside toward the infirmary. Carol sees them from the townhouse balcony and shoots the W Man. “Go!” he urges Denise before being devoured.

Denise reaches the infirmary, where Heath, Spencer and Aaron are hiding out. Rick arrives with Carl and lays him on a gurney. Denise goes to work on Carl’s wound. Rick, still shellshocked, strides outside with his hatchet and goes on a killing rampage. Michonne, Heath, Aaron and Spencer run outside to help Rick fight the walkers.

Alexandria residents watch from their homes as Rick’s group takes on the walkers. Two residents (Olivia and Eric) venture out and join the fight. “We can beat them!” Rick cries.

In the church, Gabriel watches the battle unfold. He hands Judith to one of his congregants and walks out with a machete. “God will save Alexandria because God has given us the courage to save it ourselves,” he proclaims.

Carol tells the townhouse group that Rick is making a stand. Everyone – including Eugene — joins the fight. Morgan finds the W Man, who is now a walker. “I’m sorry,” he says, stabbing him.

Enid rescues Maggie while Glenn distracts walkers away from the tower. Maggie cries out as walkers surround Glenn. Abraham and Sasha suddenly appear. Standing on top of the fuel truck, they’re able to gun down the walkers and save Glenn.

Safely inside the truck, Glenn proposes to Daryl that they use the vehicle to lead the walkers away. But Daryl suggests an alternate plan.

As the fighting intensifies, Daryl fills the pond in the middle of Alexandria with fuel from the truck, then launches an RPG into the water. A ball of fire erupts in the sky. Rick’s group and all the Alexandrians keep killing and killing as the walkers flock to the fire, going up in flames as they stumble into the lake.

The next morning, the street is littered with walker corpses. A group stands quietly outside the infirmary, holding vigil. Michonne holds Judith inside.

Carl lies unconscious in bed with Rick at his side. Rick tells Carl that he underestimated the Alexandrians and vows to rebuild the community, just like Deanna planned. “I want to show you the new world,” he says, crying. Carl’s fingers grip Rick’s hand.

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