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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Rick To Kill [SPOILER] In Episode 13, ‘The Same Boat’

Written by Admin on March 13 2016

DESIGNNTREND.COMWARNING: This article contains spoilers from season 6, episode 13 of “The Walking Dead.” Read at your own risk.

Next episode of “The Walking Dead” ends with Rick [Andrew Lincoln] killing “Negan.”

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, the final scene of the episode, titled “The Same Boat,” sees Rick shooting a Savior in the head. The interesting part: the Savior claims that he is Negan.

The Savior who meets his demise at the end of the episode is the same man who tried to escape on a bike at the end of last Sunday’s episode.

Before killing him, Rick asks the guy if Negan is or ever was at the base when they attacked. The Savior reportedly answers, “Both. I’m Negan s–thead.”

The Savior then tells Rick that they are going to have a fun talk. But Rick is not interested and just wants to get the job done, so he raises his gun to the guy’s head and tells him, “I’m sorry it had to come to this,” before ultimately pulling the trigger.

Obviously, the guy is not really Negan, because the baddie played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan won’t make his debut appearance until the season finale. But do Rick and his group think that the guy they killed is really Negan? If they do, then Alexandria and perhaps even the Hilltop will be in grave danger in the coming episodes.

“The Walking Dead” season 6, episode 13, titled “The Same Boat,” airs on Sunday, March 13, at 9 p.m. on AMC. Check out the synopsis and promo clips for the episode below:

“With no hope of safety in Alexandria, Rick and his band of survivors soon discover a larger world with new dangers and new opportunities.”

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