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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Does Rick And Negan Share Similar Back Stories?

Written by Admin on July 04 2016

The season finale of “The Walking Dead” season 6 has finally revealed Negan, the bat-wielding and violent leader of the Saviors played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Negan’s group that has been taking the goods of Hilltop and the one that Rick’s group has encountered and even had ambushed and killed to get a deal with the Hilltop. But the decision and the action did not turn out as expected and Rick’s group was hunted by the Saviors on their way to Hilltop to bring Maggie to their doctor. The biggest cliffhanger of all time is when Negan bashed out the brains of someone in Rick’s group, but fans have no idea who it might be.

Now, Negan was the complete opposite of Rick (Andrew Lincoln). Although both were leaders of their groups and the latter was somehow power-driven, Rick was never one to use violence unless in extreme need and for his group. Negan, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy killing.

According to Enstarz, a rollout of “Here’s Negan” from Image Comics, which published the Robert Kirkman comics, have shown that the two rather had an uncanny similarity; their back stories.

In season 1, we see Rick being abandoned in a hospital by his best friend, Shane when the Walkers took over the place and his friend thought he was already a goner. He had no idea of what happened after he was hospitalized due to a gun shot. From there, fans have followed the story of Rick along with meeting different people, getting reunited with his family and encountering attacks by the Governor and Terminus.

In the comics, Negan was shown as a foul-mouthed gym teacher before the outbreak. He cheats on his wife but soon enough learns that his wife has cancer. He had then decided to devote his life to helping out his wife battle the sickness. As the apocalypse happens, he was with his wife stuck in a hospital while watching the world fall apart from his windows.

It was pretty similar with how Rick had begun his journey in the zombie-infested world. But fans are not yet sure as to what happened to Negan and why he ended up as the worst villain in “The Walking Dead” world or if the real story will be shown on season 7.

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