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The Walking Dead – “Not Tomorrow Yet” Recap

Written by Admin on March 07 2016

Carol collects supplies from Alexandria’s diminished pantry. She forages for acorns in the forest, then bakes acorn cookies and hands them out to Alexandria residents. Carol gives Tobin a container of cookies. They flirt.

Rick’s group returns from the Hilltop. Rick orders everyone to gather at the church, telling Carol, “We’re gonna have to fight.”

Morgan finds Carol at the cemetery and asks why she never told Rick that Morgan had been holding the W Man prisoner. Carol evades his question. She leaves the cemetery after placing a cookie on Sam’s grave.

At the church, Rick tells the community about the deal that Maggie struck with the Hilltop. He rationalizes pre-emptively killing the Saviors, explaining they would eventually find and attack Alexandria. Morgan urges Rick to talk with the Saviors instead of killing them, but no one else supports him. “We kill them all,” Rick declares.

Carol lies in bed, unable to sleep. She opens a journal and lists all the people she’s killed: “R., K,D, L. Terminus/Courtyard 3?, Candle Woman, Ws 7,” it reads. Carol solemnly circles the tally at the bottom, “18.”

Meanwhile, Maggie tells Glenn that she intends to go with them to the Saviors’ compound, but assures him she’ll stay on the perimeter.

Carol joins Tobin on his front porch. He admits that Carol is capable of doing things that terrify him, and adds that many Alexandrians see her as a mother figure, but she’s something else to him. They kiss.

Abraham packs his bag and tells Rosita that he’s leaving her. Rosita cries, demanding an explanation. “When I met you, I thought you were the last woman on Earth,” Abraham says. “You’re not.”

Denise finds Tara lost in thought and asks what’s wrong. Tara tells Denise that she loves her and invites Denise to join her on an upcoming two-week run. Denise explains that she’s the only doctor and has to stay behind, but she’ll tell Tara she loves her when she comes back. They kiss.

At a meeting to coordinate the attack, Andy (from the Hilltop) draws a map of the Saviors’ compound for Rick, Maggie, Daryl, Glenn and Michonne. He explains that the main building has one entrance guarded by two men. Rick proposes they attack at night while everyone is asleep. He plans to walk right in through the front entrance. “They want Gregory’s head, right?” he says. “We’re gonna give it to them.”

The next day, Rick’s group caravans down the road. Rick orders everyone to separate on foot and reconvene in a couple of hours.

Rick tells Father Gabriel that there’s no turning back from the mission now, and asks why he’s still wearing his priest’s garb. Gabriel says he’s still who he was (he thinks), “And it’ll be harder for them to see me in the dark.”

Rosita tells Carol that she nearly blurted out Morgan’s secret about the W Man at the church meeting. “He doesn’t want to kill,” Carol says, defending Morgan.

In the woods, Glenn and Heath kill several walkers and share their anxiety about killing the Saviors, having never killed living people before. Glenn saws off a walker’s head.

The group reconvenes on the road, where Rick proposes that they attack a couple of hours before dawn. Carol pulls Rick aside and chastises him for bringing Maggie on the mission. She insists on staying behind to help Maggie guard the perimeter.

Rick, Jesus and Andy size up three decapitated walker heads to decide which one looks most like Gregory. Jesus picks a head but remarks that the nose is different. Rick grabs the head and pummels the nose, figuring Andy can tell the Saviors that he broke Gregory’s nose in the struggle.

That night, Andy drives up to the Saviors’ compound and announces that he has Gregory’s head. Two guards walk out and inspect it. Satisfied, one of the guards goes inside to get Craig. Rick’s group ambushes and kills the other guard, and then kills the first guard when he returns with Craig.

Rick’s group sneaks into the compound. Rick enters a bedroom and quietly plunges his knife into a man’s head as he sleeps.

In another room, Glenn and Heath are grim as Glenn kills two slumbering men with his knife. They find a trophy wall of Polaroid photos showing the bodies of Savior victims, all of whose heads have been crushed.

Tara, Gabriel, Andy, Jesus and Craig wait outside in a car. Tara confesses to Gabriel that she told Denise that she loved her, but only did so to hide her misgivings about their mission to kill the Saviors. Jesus asks Tara if she really loves Denise anyway. Tara says she does. “So you know what you’re fighting for,” Jesus says.

Abraham covers for Sasha as she tries to open a locked door. A Savior discovers them and, in the midst of an ensuing struggle, pulls an alarm.

Maggie and Carol hear the alarm from their perimeter posts. Maggie insists on going to help. “You are staying here,” Carol says firmly.

Tara tells Jesus to drive back to the Hilltop with Craig to uphold the deal. Jesus asks Andy to take Craig back so that he can stay behind and help.

Rick’s group fires at the Saviors, who are now awake and fighting back. Aaron stabs a Savior in self-defense. Tara shoots at Saviors as they flee the compound.

Glenn and Heath run to the armory with Saviors on their heels. They slam the door shut, grab guns and spray the door with bullets. They open the door and find a pile of dead bodies. One of the Saviors stirs and raises his gun. Jesus shoots him dead.

Outside, Gabriel recites a prayer for an injured Savior before shooting him.

With the fighting over, Rick’s group emerges from the building. They find a small parking lot of cars. Heath and Tara immediately leave for their scavenging mission.

Back in Alexandria, Morgan welds together the metal gate to a prison cell. He takes a break and becomes lost in thought.

A Savior tries to escape on a motorcycle, which Daryl recognizes as his. Rick’s group shoots the Savior off the bike and Daryl tackles him as he tries to flee. Daryl demands to know where the Savior got the bike. As Rick holds a gun to the Savior’s head, a woman speaks through the Savior’s walkie-talkie, ordering Rick to lower his gun. “We’ve got a Carol and a Maggie. We’re thinking that’s something you want to chat about,” the woman says.

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The Walking Dead – “Knots Untie” Recap

Written by Admin on February 29 2016

Abraham flirts with Sasha as they return from a patrol. Sasha informs him that she’s trading shifts with Eugene and will no longer be working with him. Abraham sighs.

Abraham lies in bed with Rosita. She gives him a necklace with a pendant made from the fuel truck’s cracked brake light. As Rosita showers, Abraham thinks about Sasha.

Later that night, Maggie is discouraged that it will still be some time before Alexandria’s new garden yields any crops. Glenn assures her they’ll be okay. They see Denise and Abraham running into the townhouse basement and sprint over to investigate.

In Rick’s house, Jesus waits for Rick and Michonne to get dressed. Carl discovers Jesus and points a gun at his head as the others arrive. Michonne and Rick emerge from the bedroom and assure everyone that Jesus just wants to talk.

Jesus tells Rick’s group that he’s part of a community that raises livestock and crops, and his job is to search for other settlements with whom to open trade. He offers to take them to his community, the Hilltop, to prove he is telling the truth.

Daryl prepares the motor home for the trip to the Hilltop, and reluctantly accepts a homemade oatcake as a parting gift from Denise. Meanwhile, Carl assures Rick that he approves of his relationship with Michonne, but insists on staying behind to guard Alexandria.

Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie and Abraham board the motor home with Jesus.

En route to the Hilltop, Abraham asks Glenn about Maggie’s pregnancy and shares his skepticism over bringing a child into the world. “We’re trying to build something,” Glenn explains.

Rick slows the motor home as they approach an overturned car. Jesus recognizes it as belonging to the Hilltop and desperately begins searching the wreckage for his people.

Daryl follows tracks to a nearby building. Maggie guards Jesus as Rick’s group searches inside. They find four of Jesus’ people, one of whom is injured.

The group continues on towards the Hilltop. One of the newcomers, Harlan, introduces himself as a doctor. Glenn asks if he has any prenatal vitamins, and Harlan smiles, admitting he used to be an obstetrician. “I’d say you two just hit the jackpot,” he says.

Freddie, one of the newcomers, tells Jesus that he saw a vision of his dead wife when he thought he was going to die. Abraham ponders Freddie’s words.

The motor home gets stuck in mud, forcing the group to disembark. Jesus points ahead to a massive wall. “That’s the Hilltop,” he says.

Jesus leads the group to the main gate, where spear-wielding guards order Rick’s group to disarm. Jesus tells Rick they can keep their guns and confides that his community ran out of ammo months ago.

The gates open, revealing a large manor house and a farming community inside. Jesus explains that the house was once a living history museum.

Jesus takes the group inside, where they meet Gregory, the community’s leader. Gregory orders Rick’s group to clean up before meeting with him. Annoyed by this man, Rick asks Maggie to speak with Gregory on the group’s behalf.

As they wait in the foyer, Abraham asks Daryl if he’s ever thought about settling down. “You think shit’s settled?” Daryl replies. Abraham fingers Rosita’s necklace.

Maggie meets with Gregory to discuss trade options. Gregory condescends to her and notes that Alexandria is low on provisions. He offers to help on the condition that Alexandria residents work at the Hilltop, insinuating Maggie would be very desirable in the community as a “smart, beautiful woman.” Maggie rebuffs him and points out that the Hilltop is low on ammo and medication, proposing they help each other. Gregory, insulted, ends the discussion.

Jesus assures Rick and Daryl that he can convince Gregory to make a fair trade. They hear a commotion outside. “They’re back,” a resident tells Gregory.

Rick’s group and Gregory walk outside as a Hilltop team returns from a mission to Negan’s compound. The team reports that Negan killed two of their group because their drop was too light, and that he’s holding another one of their members, Craig, until they deliver a message. Gregory asks for the message. “I’m sorry,” Ethan says, stabbing Gregory in the gut.

Rick’s group intervenes. Abraham hears Sasha’s voice in his head as he’s throttled by a Hilltop resident. Daryl rescues Abraham. Rick stabs Ethan dead. Jesus calms astonished residents by pointing out that Ethan initiated the bloodshed.

Harlan rushes to Gregory’s side. Abraham remains on the ground after the fight, stunned by his experience. It’s as if he’s had some kind of realization, or found some sort of peace. He assures Daryl he’s alright. In fact, “I’m better than alright,” he says. He stands, leaving Rosita’s necklace behind in the dirt.

In the library, Jesus explains that Negan is the head of a group called The Saviors, who agreed not to attack the Hilltop in exchange for half of their supplies. Rick’s group offers to rescue Craig and wipe out the Saviors in exchange for food, medicine and supplies. Jesus agrees to take the offer to Gregory.

Later, Jesus reports that Gregory wants to discuss the offer with Maggie.

Gregory, recovering from his injury in his bedroom, says he’ll agree to the deal. But Maggie realizes she’s in a position to negotiate for even more, telling him that Negan will continue to demand more provisions and will eventually deplete the Hilltop unless her group stops him. She says her group will kill the Saviors, but only in exchange for half of the Hilltop’s supplies. Gregory begrudgingly accepts the offer.

Rick’s group loads the motor home with supplies from the Hilltop. Rick asks Andy, who had been one of the Hilltop’s liaisons with Negan, to brief them on the Saviors’ compound.

In his medical trailer, Harlan performs an ultrasound on Maggie. Glenn and Maggie smile when they see the fetus and hear its heartbeat.

Rick’s group leaves the Hilltop. In the motor home, Glenn circulates an ultrasound photo of the baby. Abraham gazes at the photo and smiles at Glenn.

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The Walking Dead – “The New World” Recap

Written by Admin on February 22 2016

As Rick gets dressed to go on a supply run, Michonne asks him to bring back toothpaste. They chat with Carl, who wears a bandage over his eye but seems otherwise recovered from the gunshot.

Daryl tracks down Denise to review her list of requested supplies and asks why she wants orange soda. Denise explains her plan to surprise Tara, who’s leaving with Heath on a two-week supply run.

Eugene opens the gate as Rick and Daryl leave for the supply run. He gives them a map to agricultural supply stores and instructions to track down sorghum, a “criminally underrated grain” that could help replenish their low food supply.

In the car, Rick predicts they will finally find food and new people that day. Daryl notes that they haven’t encountered anyone in weeks.

Back in Alexandria, Michonne stands guard at the top of the wall and sees Spencer walk into the woods with a shovel. She follows him.

Maggie finds Enid alone and encourages her to pitch in and help get Alexandria back on track. She tells Enid that she’s around if she wants to talk.

Rick and Daryl spot a sorghum barn and find a truck inside. They open the truck and discover a large store of supplies. Rick proposes they drive the truck and come back for their car later.

En route to Alexandria, Rick and Daryl stop at a gas station to scavenge. Daryl finds a tipped over vending machine, and they chain it to the truck to flip it over. Just then, a masked man races over and crashes into Rick, prompting Rick and Daryl to pull their guns on him.

The assailant introduces himself as Paul — though his friends call him Jesus — and tells Rick and Daryl that he was just running from walkers. Rick asks him how many walkers he’s killed — the test for new members of the group — but Daryl cuts him off. Eventually, they decide to let Jesus go on his way.

While Daryl and Rick talk about Jesus and whether to follow him, they’re surprised by the sound of gunshots behind the gas station. They investigate and discover firecrackers in a trash can. Realizing it was a trick, they run back just in time to see Jesus driving off with the truck, dragging the vending machine behind it.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Spencer tries to draw a walker out of the nearby brush. As the walker emerges, Michonne appears and kills it, then asks why Spencer is in the woods. Spencer explains that he takes walks after his shifts and starts to head off alone again. Michonne insists on going with him, explaining that his mother Deanna told her to figure out what she wants in life, but for now, she just wants to figure out why he’s wandering around in the woods with a shovel.

In another part of the woods, Carl and Enid walk, and Enid wonders aloud why they keep coming out there. “Because we’re kids, that’s what they do,” says Carl.

Back on the road, Rick and Daryl sprint after the truck and find the vending machine discarded in the middle of the road. Daryl shatters the display case and stuffs orange sodas for Denise and some snacks into his bag. Then they keep running.

As Carl and Enid read in the woods, they hear a noise. Enid hides and Carl draws his gun, but they relax once Carl realizes it’s just Spencer and Michonne. After a beat, Enid announces that she doesn’t want to come out to the woods anymore. “Okay,” Carl says flatly, and gathers his belongings.

As they head back through the woods, Carl and Enid see a walker in the distance. Over Enid’s protests, Carl tries to draw it toward him, and stops her from killing it. “You wouldn’t understand,” he says, telling her to go home.

Meanwhile, Rick and Daryl catch up with Jesus and hold him at gunpoint. Rick ties Jesus up, assuring him the knots are loose enough to eventually wriggle free. Then Rick and Daryl drive off in the truck.

As they drive across a field, Rick and Daryl hear a sudden noise and realize that Jesus is on the roof of the truck. Rick screeches to a halt, sending Jesus tumbling to the ground. On foot, Daryl chases after Jesus while Rick kills nearby walkers. Jesus and Daryl wind up struggling inside the truck and Jesus accidentally knocks it into gear, causing the truck to roll into a pond and sink. Daryl begrudgingly agrees not to abandon Jesus, who was knocked unconscious, after Rick points out that Jesus saved Daryl from a walker.

Michonne and Spencer catch a glimpse of Carl as he races away, leaving a walker behind. Spencer unsheathes his knife as Michonne recognizes the walker: It’s Deanna. Michonne restrains Deanna as Spencer tearfully stabs her through the head. He explains this is the reason he’s been walking in the woods.

Afterward, Spencer digs a grave and mourns the loss of his entire family. Michonne assures him that he still has a family with his friends in Alexandria.

Later, Daryl guards an unconscious Jesus in the back seat as Rick drives them back to Alexandria.

At home, Michonne chastises Carl for risking his life by leading Deanna around. Carl explains that he had to: Spencer needed to be the one to kill her. “It should be someone who loved her,” he says. “I’d do it for you.” Michonne hugs him.

As they arrive in Alexandria, Daryl tells Rick that he was right when he once suggested they stop bringing new people into the community. Rick disagrees: he thinks Daryl was right in the first place.

Rick and Daryl bring Jesus to the infirmary so Denise can check him out. Later, in the townhouse basement, Daryl and Rick leave water and a note next to Jesus’s still unconscious body.

Back at home, Rick wearily flops onto his couch, where Michonne joins him. He tells her Daryl is guarding a man that they brought in. He hands her mints from the vending machine in lieu of the toothpaste she wanted. As they laugh together, their fingers interlock and they kiss.

Rick and Michonne lie naked in bed after making love. Jesus walks into the room and tells Rick to wake up. As Rick and Michonne leap up and grab their weapons, Jesus says, “We should talk.”

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Entertainment Weekly Scans

Written by Admin on February 16 2016

I have added the scans from the new issue of EW to the gallery so check those out. I added the full The Walking Dead section for those that didnt get the issue so everyone can check out the whole section! Be sure to credit the site if you use anywhere else! The photoshoots have been added as well.

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